Important Factors To Look For In New And Used Garbage Trucks For Sale

As the owner of a waste management company, you need to invest in fleet vehicles that will serve your business and clients well. The trucks that you select for your fleet must meet important criteria to ensure your business's success and dependability.

As you consider potential garbage trucks, you need to identify the most important factors for your fleet. These are some considerations to look for when shopping at a garbage truck dealership.

Load Capacity

When you shop for new or used garbage trucks, you need to consider how much they can hold. If your company services hundreds or even thousands of customers across the area, you may need to invest in trucks that can hold significant loads of garbage before they must be emptied. 

Investing in garbage truck sales that offer you this weight capacity allows your trucks to remain out on their routes longer. You can offer your customers prompt and thorough services without your drivers having to dump their loads before finishing their routes.

Compact Systems

You also may want the garbage trucks that you buy to have compact systems in them that let your drivers crush garbage as it is added to the cargo beds. Crushing and compacting garbage allows your drivers to make more space in the bed of the truck. More room in the bed additionally allows for your drivers to pick up more garbage, stop at more customers' homes, and avoid delaying services on which your customers rely. 

Weight and Dimensions

Finally, when you shop at a garbage truck dealership, you may want to find trucks that your drivers can handle easily on the road. Despite having commercial drivers' licenses, your drivers may only be able to handle trucks that weigh under a certain limit. If the trucks are too heavy or too long, they may prevent your drivers from handling them safely on routes. You need to find trucks that fall within the CDL limits of your drivers' licensing and training. 

These are some factors to look for when you shop for garbage trucks for sale. You need to find trucks that have sufficient cargo capacities that allow your drivers to pick up and haul hundreds or thousands of pounds of waste. Your trucks may also need crushing mechanisms and accommodate drivers' CDL driving limitations. Take these factors into consideration when looking for garbage trucks to add to your fleet. 

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