2 Noises Indicating That Your Car's Air Conditioner Is Going Bad

Especially in the peak months of summer, you rely on your car's air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable while you are driving around in the heat. However, you may have noticed lately that your car's interior is not cooling properly. If you have already checked to make sure that your car's radiator is full, listen for the following sounds coming from the front of your vehicle under the hood that may indicate that the air conditioner is going bad.

1.  Rattling Noises While the Compressor Is Running

One sound you may hear when your car's A/C is failing is a rattling noise that is detectable when the compressor is running. When the problem first arises, you will hear this noise when the compressor first starts up. As the problem gets worse, you may hear it constantly.

Just like your car's transmission, the A/C compressor depends on a clutch to kick it on. Because this piece of the compressor sees a lot of use, it will wear down over time. As it wears down, it can become loose and create a rattling noise whenever it is engaged.

However, since rattling under your car's hood can also indicate another issue with your motor, you should have your vehicle checked out by a mechanic to make sure the compressor clutch is the actual cause.

2.  Squealing Sounds That Get Progressively Worse

Another noise that may indicate a problem with your car's air conditioner is squealing sounds that become progressively worse as well as more frequent. While the compressor is running, you may at first hear the squealing sounds intermittently, then you will hear them almost constantly while you are driving.

Your car's A/C depends on pulleys and serpentine belts to operate. When these moving parts become loose or stretched, they will not be able to maintain enough friction to grab on. As they move over the metal, they slip and create the noise. However, this squealing sound may also be indicative of a bad water pump, so you should have it looked at by a professional to make sure.

If you hear one or both of the above noises, and your vehicle is not getting cool, there is most likely a problem with the air conditioner. If you suspect that this is the case, have your vehicle checked out by taking it to an automotive shop that offers auto air conditioning services so that they can determine the exact cause and discuss with you possible solutions to the problem.

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