Retread Tire Facts For Truck Fleet Managers

Maximizing your fleet investment means keeping your trucks on the road as much as possible. When your trucks are down for repairs, you're not generating revenue. With multiple vehicles in your fleet, repairs and maintenance can be costly. One of the things that many fleet owners overlook is the opportunity to reduce those costs where tires are concerned.

If you have long believed that retread tires are not a worthwhile investment, you may be mistaken. Here is a look at some facts you should know before you talk to your truck services technician about your next replacement tires.

Retread Tires Are Affordable

When you're looking to maximize your repair cost per mile, reducing your expenses in any repair area can help. Retread tires cost a fraction of the price of their brand new equivalents. That's because they cost less to produce. There is less material to manufacture for these tires, so the production time and material cost is lower. This saves you significantly.

Retread Tires Are Good For The Environment

If you are trying to market your company as an environmentally-friendly one, opting for retread tires can help. You can minimize the oil consumption and demand of the manufacturing process by choosing them because the bulk of the oil required for tire fabrication is used for the casing. That casing is reused in a retread tire, so there's minimal oil consumption to create the finished product.

The Retread Industry Is Highly Competitive

You may have avoided retread tires because of the widespread belief that they are not as safe as new tires. It has been a common misconception despite the fact that these tires are rigorously tested and safe. That mistaken impression has led to a reduction in the marketplace, so the companies that are currently producing retreads are the ones that were the best in the business. They are the ones that have outlasted the controversy. As a result, not only are you already getting some of the best final product in the industry, those companies are constantly striving to better their tires. The competition is fierce, and as a result, consumers benefit by getting the steadily improved product.

Before you pay more than you need to for your fleet's next set of replacement tires, talk with a truck services technician from a company like Apex Transportation today about the possibility of investing in retreads and other cost-saving measures.