What To Do When You're Locked Out Your Car

You're in a rush trying to get where you're going, you jump out of your car and head out on your way only to discover that you locked your keys in your car. If you happen to have a luxury vehicle with a biometric or numeric lock system on the door – you're in luck. However, if you're like most people – this is not the case. If you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, know what to do can keep you safe and keep your car protected.

Take Off Your DIY Hat

It doesn't matter just how handy you are around your home, this is not the time to keep your DIY hat on. In years past, you could use a number of common items to easily unlock your vehicle and gain access, but locking technology on vehicles has changed drastically.

Not only can you not access the lock as easily, you can cause significant damage to the electrical features inside the door. Instead of just paying for lockout services, you will also find yourself making a trip to your local dealership to have the door panel functions repaired, which can be costly.

Call The Appropriate Assistance

Make sure you are calling the appropriate assistance. While this might seem like a life-threatening emergency, to the first responders that service your area, this isn't exactly the case. For most lockouts, you want to contact a roadside assistance company, such as one supported through your insurance company or private organization.

The only time it's really acceptable to contact 911 for a lockout is if you feel you are in danger. In this instance, don't hesitate to call. Otherwise, a roadside professional like Jim's Garage Inc will be more than equipped to handle your needs.

Prepare Yourself For The Future

The best defense against a future lockout is to prepare yourself. One great thing to do is to establish a pattern. For example, each time before getting out your car follow the same steps, such as taking the keys and putting them in your pocket first, grabbing your bag, rechecking for your keys and then getting out. It might sound consuming, but it will keep you from finding yourself in the same scenario.

You could also consider hiding an extra key on your vehicle with a magnetic key holder. These holders can easily and securely be placed under your vehicle.

Knowing what to do in the event of a lockout can keep you calm and less stressed. Ensure you're always prepared.