4 Points You Must Check On Your Vehicle Prior To Winter

Do you own a vehicle? If so, you have likely heard that maintaining your vehicle will extend its life. Perhaps you take care of major maintenance requirements, but you may underestimate the importance of seasonal maintenance. The following preventative maintenance tips will help you get your car ready for winter weather.


Winter weather can pose a number of driving risks when tires are not in good condition. Even if your tires are in reasonable condition, it is possible for you to experience driving issues if you have the wrong type of tires on your vehicle. If you live in a climate that has snowy and icy winters, it might be ideal to consider special tires for the winter. For example, snow tires would ensure better traction. Otherwise, you need to have the pressure in your tires checked as well as the tread depth. 


If you have a battery that is approaching the end of its lifecycle, the harsh cold of winter weather could cause it to die. The inconvenience of not checking your battery before winter is that you may experience a stalled vehicle. Needing a jumpstart once or twice is nothing to be alarmed about; however, needing to get a jumpstart each time you need to use your vehicle is indicative that you need a battery replacement. Many car owners do not realize that they can reduce the chances of a battery inconvenience by getting their batteries checked at an auto repair shop before winter. 


Perhaps your vehicle already has shown signs of having an idling issue or making weird noises. These are likely signs that your vehicle needs a tune-up. An auto repair shop can check your vehicle and determine whether or not you have issues such as exhaust problems that could impact your vehicle's performance during the winter.


It is ideal to check the levels of fluids in your vehicle prior to winter. In some cases, it might be ideal to change the fluids. For example, if you are in an area that has harsh winters, it is ideal to change your oil from a standard oil to one that is considered winter weight oil. You also need to ensure that you have adequate antifreeze in your vehicle's radiator. If you have noticed weird smells coming from your vehicle, you may have a fluid leak that needs to be repaired. 

An auto repair shop is a good resource to use for more winter care tips that will protect your vehicle. They are also ideal if you experience your vehicle breaking down in the winter. Some older vehicles that are not serviced and maintained are prone to mechanical failure during the winter.